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I hope you guys love my art work as much as i loved creating it

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Awsome picture that people create :)


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Icon making
Lucario love icon by 003145 Love icon based on something (pokemon)

startheeevee2 ricon love request by 003145 Love icon OC

Bulbasaur by 003145 Still back ground ability icons

Sparks family by 003145 RP OC icons

Charizard flame thrower BG by 003145 personal icons
Kitty cat pony icon by 003145Kitty cat pony icon 2 by 003145Will o wisp Chandeiler by 003145Silver Dragon by 003145




i hate my name
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Im 20 i live in lincolnshire of england i prefer to draw but i love taking great action pictures at the moment it is mostley flowers i enjoy photoing so hey

After a recent argument I feel it is only fair to say that I cannot deal with criticism very well indeed, please don't take offence if I take your comments the wrong way.

I assure you (any one reading this) that I don't mean to be angry or depressed or what ever else its just something I cant really control no matter how hard I try

I am not giving that reason any blame at all though

Any questions just ask im usally online allot any way

My DA family

Younger sister

Older Brother

Younger Brother

My baby boy ^^


My amazing guy he he he

Best friends forever

Best brother ever

Im holding the Olympic torch by 003145


Twig by 003145
Little Twiggy the lillipup ^^
He is a mute so he uses his hands to communicate 
he he 

He is from an RP i do with a friend ^^

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Gamefreak
The Hand by 003145
The Hand
This picture is based off of my 21st birthday experience ^^

pokemon belongs to nintendo and gamefreak

My most recent ghost experience was my 21st birthday,

The party was amazing but all through the party i kept thinking someone was right behind me, You name it, figures out the corner of your eye, a dark shadow etc., any way because we had so many people there i put them down to being reflections or children running past perhaps... but those explanations didnt quite work in a few situations.

We were packing up the hall after the party, at that point we were one end of the hall and there was one person at the other end of the hall, my parents and grand parents were in the kitchen.

i was facing my four friends chatting bout the party and i felt someone put their hand on my shoulder, i whipped round yelling "GET OFF" but of course no one was there, i thought it was one of my friends in truth, but they were all in front of me and none of them moves a muscle towards me... it was then i knew, that i had been touched by the person who was following me around all night.

Of course being the goof ball none of them believed me either >.>

Thats my recent ghost story whats yours?

and in an attempt to clean it it get scratched up

so im rather angry as yet again i fine MY belongings left in a right state
my toastie oven used by my house mates was not cleaned after use and so i come down to find it in a horrible state 

all the food stuff had been dried on forcing me to use cutlery to clean it off, being as its electric i cant exactly soak it
they have NO respect for my stuff 

my glass bowl left out side
my cutlery left on floor after they tried repairing a shower door with it

angry wouldnt cut it, im more rage right now

espeshally since they moan if we leave one thing out of place

one cheese string in the wrapper was moaned at because its a waste of space
EXCUSE ME?! You leave wrapped in there with NOTHING in them

THey really crossed the linethe other day by moaning at us to clean up AFTER THEM!

so with any luck we will be moving again soon

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Have a hug too. Hug :) (Smile)

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